I ordered a delivery to my hotel. The vegetable samosa were good and the basmati rice and roti were both fine. My entree was a Chicken Korma and was the worst I have ever tried. A korma is meant to be creamy and with a subtle nutty taste, this tasted oily and to make matters worse the chicken used was poor quality and also had a greasy taste and texture. I couldn't eat it, and had to make do with the rice and roti for my entree. I did call the restaurant to complain and they offered a free entree on my next order (no refund). Unfortunately I won't be ordering again. Cannot recommend.
Enjoyed the Lamb Keema Mattar and have leftovers for another night Tanduri Roti delicious well packed, bread was still warm when I got home
Food was good and people were nice. I wish the prices were a little less but overall good experience
Food was fantastic! I had to wait for 5 minutes when I arrived to pick up. A bit of a surprise as I didn't arrive until 20 minutes after I placed the order. Folks were very friendly as I waited; they offered me a seat, which I appreciated.
The food was great, but on our veggie platter, everything except the samosa had meat in it. People should feel advised to check their order before walking away with it.
Any questions please call us.